How to use SROMPL Whatsapp Marketing software

Here we guide you Step by step INSTALLATION and USE of SROMPL Whatsapp Marketing Software


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01. Open Windows based System

The bulk WhatsApp marketing software is specifically designed for Windows-based systems, including both laptops and computers.

02. Download & Install

Download software from and install on your system

03. Request Key send to us

After Install successfully, you will show above Pop up menu on your Screen... Copy Request Key and send our Executive on +91-8866551808 to Generate Liecence key .

04. Add Licence Key & Activate

After Generate Your Liecence key, our executive will send you. Paste that key and Click on ACTIVATE. Bruh !! Your Software activated

05. General Setting

Once your Software Activated. You need to do General Setting changes. For that

Go to Settings >> Select Connection Speed “NORMAL”.

This Setting is for Sending Message Successfully without Skip any Number.

06. Go to Sending Settings

Delay Between Message

Wait Between 3 to 4 Seconds

Click on Active Sleep Between Sending

After 20 Messages for 10 Seconds

After that Click on Close.

This Setting is for Avoid Blocking from WhatsApp.


Step 01

Open Software, Click on Open Whatsapp & Scan your Whatsapp from your Device

Step 02

Click on Three Line & Go to Manual Imports

Step 03

Copy Number from anywhere and paste in Box & Click on Import.

Step 04

If your number does't have Country code, then Go to Three Line >> Insert Country code. Write Country code in that Colum (For Example India Country code : 91, the write 91 in column. ) then click on OK.

Step 05

Write Any Message in Message box... If you want to attach any file like Photo, pdf, video, audio etc the click on the three line in attach files & Photo section then select your file from your Device.. EXCEL file not allowed to send by this Software

Step 06

If you try to attach if file larger then 1 MB, then you will show this dailogue box to remind you about your file size. It is Always happen in pdf, audio, video and document file. Click on YES

Step 07

After Attached File, Click on SEND NOW. you will show one dailogue box as shown in Picture. REMEMBER Always Select Blind Mode to do Campaigns Successfully. Then Click on OK

Step 08

BRUH !!! You campaign start. ENJOY Unlimited Whatsapp Marketing Software

Step 09

Once Campaign Complited. you will show dailogue box of complition. Click on OK. Close the "Sending Bulk - Blind Mode". After that you can add Another Campaign with same procedure.